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     Born into a bloodline of pirates, bank robbers, and rebels, as a filmmaker Nathan Rigaud is driven with passion by the inspiration for adventure and stories like ancestors before him. Yet his same passion for adventure reflects in a different way. Initially going through Marine Corp Officer Candidate School, he soon found another calling to create, tell, and produce stories. Pursuing motion picture story telling, and marching with his boots on the set, to deliver a strong accompaniment of leadership, skill, and experience. In 2007 Nathan Rigaud attended Colorado Film School for Cinematography and quickly began working in narrative and commercial productions.

    Nathan Rigaud’s extensive experience in the grip, electrical, and camera departments working on major motion pictures like Avengers Infinity War, Fate of The Furious, Jumanji, Bad Boys 3, and many more have carried over into his work as a Director of Photography and Director and lead to a highly rounded skill set when coordinating the overall production process and working above the line to see an ultimate vision brought to light. Gathering many credits across multiple genres Nathan’s diverse skill set add to his creativity and passion for quality in his work. Coupled with a growing diverse and accomplished network, this strong background and experience is accelerated with a developed set leadership presence, drive for constant teamwork, effective collaboration from everyone involved, and an eye for efficiency to capture the moments needed for each story on time and on budget.

     Seeing Underwater Cinematography as the pinnacle of production challenge and creative beauty, Nate pursued the added specialty of Scuba Diving, becoming a Dive Master with SSI in 2015 and later PADI, bringing these added skills and experience to underwater camera work and support to multiple productions like Disney’s Jungle Cruise, Apple TV’s Amazing Stories, Spiderman Homecoming, and more ever since.

      Living in Atlanta Georgia, Nathan Rigaud continues to work on narrative feature films, television productions, and commercials traveling around the world, wherever there is a story to be created through the lens, and adventure to be had!

nathan rigaud


Just a sampling

 Director of Photography
Director of Photography
The Girl in the mirror
Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Project: Siren
Underwater Director of Photography
Director of Photography
The locals
Director of Photography
Director of Photography 1st Unit
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